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It IS OUR belief that a Business Opportunity that
is worthwhile, that truly can bring Success …



If they believe in what they are doing and what they                          
are offering, they should be willing to forego upfront
fees and wait to share in your Success.
  Why should they

need to charge You?

The answer is Simple … Most companies realize that your success is far from assured.  Their business
model is not to share your profits but to immediately share your WALLET
That is not how ASN operates.  See Why You Can’t Fail With

The ASN System is so Profitable and Powerful
that You Can Earn $100 to $500 or more in the
next hour! How?


By just getting Free Quotes, Trials,
Surveys or any of the other scores
of Free Products and Services of our
Many Partner Companies.”Amazon ,
Walmart ,Verizon and 100’s More.

For Example: Get a Free Insurance Quote
and You earned 4 points and a check. (See what are points?)

Then get a Free Credit Report you just earned another
8 points and more money! the more points you earn,
the more money you make! 100 points ALWAYS earns profit sharing bonuses of at least $100 to $500 dollars!
(Profit Sharing Bonuses)

You Can Start Earning Right Now … and you don’t have to Spend a dime.

But FIRST, Make sure know and follow

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Here’s Our Philosophy and Foundation.

1- Don’t wish life were easier … Just get better
2- Don’t wish for Less Problems … Get More Skill
3- Last but not least … Don’t Wish for Less Challenges … Pray for more Wisdom


You cannot make BIG Money without a Challenge
… Just like You Can’t Fly Without Gravity



Why Help College Students?

The College market consists of about 15 million
people who Spend over 120 billion annually.

More than 79% of college students go online

at least once a day. Over 95% of college students
have access to the web.

Make Big Residual Money with Amazon … Walmart … Verizon and
Companies you Know Like & Trust & Get Debt Free. Write
Your own Financial Ticket, You Decide how much you want
to make. No one has a right to tell you how You are worth.

The More You learn … The More You Earn … Frank Clark

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Here is the formula for Your 1st $2900 Residual a month. Focus Please 🙂

1- Open a Free PayPal @


2- In Order to be paid by All Solutions Network every partner must log
his or her Free or Paid offers into Point Confirmation boxes in your back office with the
NAME of the offer … How many Points it is and Copy and Paste
the “entire receipt” into box 3 and you are paid 4 Your Accounting purposes.

See Example Below @

3- Put your Business on Auto Pilot by getting on site Maintenance below. VERY IMPORTANT

Get on “Site Maintenance” for Recurring for $24.95 a month.
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Now you can focus on building a large organization. All you need
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Our TOP Earners are making between “2,900 a month to 24,000” SCARY ISN’T IT
a month Residuals. Yeah

Lets Get It … If you believe you have what it takes … I will do all training for You.

You supply the people. I am in it … to Win it. What about You. Just Do it … like Nike says.

The Secret to $2900 and More a Month Part Time numbers below.

You can do all the Free offers but once you have done all the FREE offers
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Invest the $24.95 and get on site maintenance and start building a strong

We are helping People help themselves.

Invest $24.95 a month into your financial
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Fund Your College Education, Charity, School … Or Get out of Debt.

We are not after your WALLET … We are After your Success 😉

Shop from your own Website and Share it with others.
Real Simple. Use and Share It. I love this business. YEAH

Most important … Make ASN Your Homepage so you never miss a check. 🙂

1- No Investment Ever … Free to Join … Open your PAYPAL Acct @

2- Always shop from your own site and pay yourself first. Rule #1

3- Every time someone shop from your site if they are a partner … You Both get a commission 🙂

4- Each partner has its own bank acct through

5- Your ASN Business is  Online Automation … Set It and Leave It. 😉

6- Its Residual and can be passed on to children. How Exciting is that. Yeah Buddy

7- ASN pays Weekly and Monthly and MORE.  What More you Want … Get Earning

ASN has … Two Simple Philosophies


Their’s More to Life than Money with ASN  … You Get Both With Us.

The More You Share … The More You Help … The More You Earn 🙂

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Legal disclaimer:

Following are a couple of hypothetical representations of the income
that will be derived under a certain set of circumstances.  These are
no way intended to be an estimate of the income that you can expect to earn.
 Actual incomes will vary depending on your personal activities and those of your organization.

Assume the following conservative scenario:

You open 2 stores (Give ASN to just 2 people).

Those 2 stores open 2 each, and then they open 2 stores each,
etc… through 10 levels with each generating just 15 points
(see what are points and How many points does an item earn) per month. 
Following is your organizations earnings.

Assume just 15  Points from your site and each site in your downline.  This can be done by any member, at any time, always for free and in less than 15 minutes!
You Give Away 2 Stores so now have 2 in your 1st Level. x $15.00 Pnts  = 30 x 10%  = $3.00
Each First Level member gives away 2 so you now have 4 in your 2nd Level. x $15.00 Pnts  = 60 x 5%  = $3.00
Each  Second Level member give away 2 for 8 in your 3rd Level. x $15.00 Pnts  = 120 x 5%  = $6.00
Each Third Level member give away 2 for 16 in your 4th Level. x $15.00 Pnts  = 240 x 5%  = $12.00
Each of Your Fourth Level members give away 2 for 32 in your 5th Level. x $15.00 Pnts  = 480 x 6%  = $28.80
Each of Your Fifth Level members give away 2 for 64 in your 6th Level. x $15.00 Pnts  = 960 x 7%  = $67.20
Each of Your Sixth Level members give away 2 for 128 in your 7th Level. x $15.00 Pnts  = 1,920 x 8%  = $153.60
Each of Your Seventh Level members give away 2 for 256 in your 8th Level. x $15.00 Pnts  = 3,840 x 9%  = $345.60
Each of Your Eighth Level members give away 2 for 512 in your 9th Level. x $15.00 Pnts  = 7,680 x 10%  = $768.00
Each of Your Ninth Level members give away 2 for 1024 in your 10th Level x $15.00 Pnts  = 15,360 x 10%  = $1,536.00
For this minimal amount of duplicated effort, you will earn per month. $2,923.20
Can your business really grow this quickly?  Yes, here’s why.
Start Sharing!  Takes less than 5 minutes!

The Hypothetical that we’ve just outlined really is Very Conservative, Why?

Because creating this amount of business and income requires ONLY 2 things

It requires that giving away only 2 FREE Stores is easy.  Is it?   It is the essence of simplicity.

1-Joining and getting a store is FREE and allows it’s owner
to make and save money on everything!  It allows the owner
to earn $100 to $500 within their first hour in business–
with No Investment.
Giving away stores is so easy that we have members that have given away
10 and more on their VERY FIRST DAY!  And Over 100 their first week! 

So this part of the equation is obvious!

2- It also assumes that it is simple and usual that member’s
and their sites will generate consistent points so that you
actually earn from the “stores” in your downline.  Is this the case?
Generating points, requires absolutely No Investment.

3- You and any member can earn 15 points in 15 minutes and can do it for free.
Just take advantage of the myriad of valuable and universally needed free
products and services that are abundant on every member’s site.

4- Personal Us  if members simply do what they normally do, buy what they
normally buy, from the same company they usually use… but just doing it
from their own site, they will always earn points and making money for
themselves by doing so…  and by making money for themselves, they are
always generating business volume that creates income for you.
The more they earn, the more you earn!

5- You and your downline stores (members), also earn from every
purchase, sale, free quote or trial made by every visitor to every
store in their downlines.   So your stores and their stores will use
the countless free marketing methods we’ve provided to promote
their sites, their products and services.  When they do, they earn

the same big commissions on services that you do see big commissions),
When they earn, so do you… and the more they earn, the more you earn.

6- The bottom line is that when a member uses their site,
they make money with no investment.  So most will use it
and that means You Make Money!  Compliments of the All Solution Network
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